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ProMiles XF

Absolutely the best mileage and routing software package we have produced to date! ProMiles XF features address to address truck routing, vehicle configuration, ZIP Code & truck stop databases updates, driver expense tracking, FREE basic fuel purchase optimization, and modular expansion capabilities that allows you to tightly integrate the Mileage Guide program with our IFTA FuelTax Software and Fuel Management Software.

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TruckMiles on CD

TruckMiles is our lowest cost, easiest to use truck routing software designed for owner-operators and company drivers. TruckMiles on CD features the same famous database information that we use for it's big brother, ProMiles XF. Includes GPS capability with your NMEA compliant USB antenna.


*GPS Routing add-on software and GPS equipment available at additional cost. Please contact a customer service representative for more detailed information.

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ProMiles for Government Use

More and more States and Canadian Provinces are using ProMiles XF Kingpin Routing and Mileage Guide as an auditing standard. Does your local government use ProMiles Software?

KellerMILES™, powered by ProMiles

KellerMILES™ by ProMiles

A Modified version of our Mileage/Mapping software for J.J. Keller & Associates.


Other Software / Dev Tools

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Software Developer's Kit (SDK)

If you are building an application and would like to integrate our mapping and routing components, the ProMiles SDK offers back end functionality to provide many ProMiles features.

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Oversize/Overweight Routing and Permitting (State Govt. use)

ProMiles has been awarded projects for multiple jurisdictions to provide OS/OW routing solutions as well as automating the issuance of temporary permits.

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