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TruckMiles® on CD is cost-effective truck routing, mileage & management software intended to provide owner-operators, company and team drivers a feature rich, easy to use solution.

TruckMiles® on CD is extremely easy to use, and it can save you a bundle of cash!  Key features such as address to address street level truck routing, voice assisted Driving Mode, multiple routing methods, expense tracking, reduced Toll Road use, and a Profit Margin Estimator will provide a rapid return on your investment.

"In every town, and every City or State, I feel like I'm a local...because TruckMiles® is next to me!"

M.B. - Alberta Canada

TruckMiles® Standard Feature List:

  • Turn by turn street level routing
  • 53' Trailers option
  • The power of the ProMiles Mileage and Routing Guide
  • Calculates U.S., Canada, and Mexico mileages
  • Download National Average Fuel Price
  • Ability to SAVE your trips
  • Easy, wizard-based interface
  • Practical truck routing method
  • Shortest truck routing method
  • Reduced Toll Road use
  • Enter purchases as either U.S. or Canadian figures
  • Driver Expense Tracking
  • Full color maps with pan/zoom functionality
  • Calculate distances as either Miles or Kilometers
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Multiple stop/location entry (up to 5 locations per trip!)
  • Calculate driver pay
  • Rates by empty or loaded miles
  • Profit margin estimator
  • GPS "Drive Mode" user interface! Driving Mode option will be available if TruckMiles® detects a GPS unit (available separately)
  • GPS Routing* and Voice-Assisted Drive Mode are available!

TruckMiles® Drive Mode provides the following:

TruckMiles Drive Mode

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  • Perspective maps automatically update while driving (as fast as 1-second intervals)
  • Speech assisted, turn by turn driving directions
  • Configurable Turn Notification distance
  • Highly visible turn indicators
  • Distance to next turn
  • Next 5 truck stops on route
  • Total Driving Time
  • Current Heading
  • Current Road Name

Add-on Accessories:

  • GPS Receiver Hardware

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