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ProMiles Customer Testimonials:

"ProMiles Fuel Management has been a great tool for us. I find the data provided to be extremely accurate including freight transportation costs. By using the price comparison process and the historical data I am able to make changes to our Fuel Network that have impacted our bottom line."

Arne Nystrom
Fuel Manager, H. O. Wolding

"I have been using the ProMiles Fuel Management software for approximately 4 months, and have found it to be a very helpful tool in looking at our members competition, and or other networks to see what factors are being applied in their cost formula. It's another tool to use to help manage your business."

Paul Rogers
VP Sales and Marketing
Truckstops Direct Inc.

"Since I started using ProMiles XF, my life has become easier and I am making more miles. I think that ProMiles is software that no driver should be without."

Slim Pickins
(J. Koronka)

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love ProMiles! It is a wonderful program and we use it every time we dispatch a truck! We know exactly how far a load is from a truck and how many miles the load should pay on within seconds! Thanks again for ProMiles! It's wonderful!!"

Rebecca LaSecki
Office Manager,
LaSecki Family Transportation

"Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for a great piece of software that continues to meet the needs of our company.

ProMiles Mileage Guide and ProMiles Fuel Tax have proven to us that you know what this industry needs and you deliver over and over. Also, a software package is only as good as the company behind it.

Everyone from sales to tech support has been nothing less than great to deal with. I only wish that every company that I have to interact with could be as pleasant and productive.

ProMiles is definitely a software package that this company will be using for many years to come. Again, thank you and please allow me to recommend ProMiles to anyone looking for a positive tool in the industry of trucking. Positive tools are hard to come by."

Linda Maze
Safety & Compliance
M & B Trucking Express Corp.
Columbia Station, Ohio

"When I first inquired about ProMiles, I was relatively new to the trucking industry. I had little (if any) idea about the roads, routes and areas that I would be traveling.

As an Owner/Operator, I was completely oblivious to trucking, but knew that this was what I wanted to do. I was in Atlanta Georgia, about 2,500 miles from home, sitting on the side of the interstate on-ramp lost. The weather was miserable, cold, dark and rainy. I needed help with directions, so I took a load back home to Portland Oregon to find something that would help. Once home, the first thing I did was to check for a trucking route mileage software.

There were several packages to choose from, one was priced completely out of my budget (several thousands of dollars), there were cheap programs, but they were difficult to use and lacked the tools that I needed. Then while checking out the Internet Truckstop web site, I saw ProMiles... I down loaded your FREE 15 day trial offer, figuring that I had nothing to lose. (Why would a company give you a free trial period if they didn't believe/know that there product was the best product being offered?)

I called ProMiles and spoke to Tommy. Tommy isn't a salesman! He's more like you're best friend wanting to help you. He took the time to introduce the software and how it worked. Before we said goodbye I was using ProMiles like a seasoned veteran. It's that simple. Tommy explained that my home state DOT used ProMiles to figure mileages too. Then he ask how I did my IFTA? I was so new that I didn't understand what IFTA taxes were. Tommy even explained everything that I needed to know about IFTA...

Oh, don't let me forget about tech support... Your tech support is first rate... they are so friendly and helpful...

Price... You get more bang for your buck with ProMiles than any other package out there!

Last, let me say, I can only give you three reasons why I would purchase ProMiles again... Service, Support, Price... and TOMMY that's four!"

Thank you,
Jerry Brazelton
Blue Heron Trucking

"...The feature that really got my interest was the ability to input zip codes and display them on a map on the computer screen. This feature is so easy to use and it satisfies my need quite well..."

"We deploy Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in non-traditional locations. In the past I used a road atlas to determine where the stores were located... ProMiles provides the level of (street) detail I need to quickly, and accurately, create the schedule. I am able to take what was a 3 to 5 day job and complete it in about 3 to 5 hours!..."

Don Wolford
Project Manager
NCR Corporation

"...To complement our IFTA audit Program, we have reviewed and evaluated a number of mileage software packages. As a result of our evaluation process, we found ProMiles to be the most comprehensive. This software proved to be exceptionally user friendly and the ability to use the Canadian Postal Codes and Zip Codes for route calculation certainly simplifies and enhances the accuracy of the route calculation..."

Brian McDonah
Revenue, Compliance,
& Registry Services
Nova Scotia

"We purchased your mileage software in late 1996. After an evaluation period, we decided that, at this time, this software was as good as any we had seen on the market..."

"It is obvious through conversations with your company, that a high priority is given to having the most accurate and convenient system possible..."

Mark D. Prater
Ohio Dept. of Taxation
Motor Fuel Use Tax Division

"...The Mileage Guide has turned out to be an invaluable tool for aiding our auditors at the Public Utility Commission to use in performing audits of truckers. The program has many features that are extremely easy to use and beneficial for the user. The program's ability to calculate mileage, time projections, possible routes, and miles per gallon used are just some of the fine features that this program incorporates. The mapping feature is also a bonus. The mapping feature shows the most logical route that a trucker can take. The maps shows such detail as the junctions, county and state roads, highways, and interstates."

Dan Weber, Audit Section
Linda Morgan, Info Systems
Chuck Eriandson, Audit Section
Motor Carrier Services Division
Oregon Public Utility Commission

"Motor Fuels and Tobacco Tax Branch - Ministry of Finance audited us in the beginning of 1999. We felt strongly that we were not being audited fairly..."

"With the help of ProMiles Mileage Guide, we filed a Notice of Objection, and we won! ...I have found this system easy to use, informative, and the maps showing the exact locations were what we needed. We were able to show our exact routes used, and all the routes matched our reported mileage..."

Donna Semple
Office Manager,
Robert Harber Trucking
Putnam, Ontario

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