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Fuel Optimization

Start saving big money by choosing the leader of the Fuel Optimization Industry, ProMiles Software Development Corp.


We have started creating a series of tutorials for our various product lines. See tips and tricks for using all of our products or get reminders of how to do specific tasks.

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Technical Support

We pride ourselves in our superb technical support team.  Our consultants can step you through any problem you may encounter with our services and/or products.  Please visit the ProMiles technical support website for more information.

Legal Permitting by Road Legal Inc.

Road Legal, Inc., sister company of PSDC, has assisted over 14,000 transportation professionals in the process of obtaining their FMCSA (ICC) Registration, Intrastate Registration, State Permits, SSRS, IFTA and Fuel Permits including Fuel Tax Pre-Auditing and Report filing along with an Agent of Process Service. With over 20 years of transportation experience, Road Legal, Inc. has made it easier and less stressful for companies to get passed state and federal red tape.

Tax Rate Consulting by

Fuel System Services offers up-to-date tax data online and Fuel Outlook, a newsletter featuring fuel industry news. It is used by many prominent customers.  By signing up, you can get a jump on doing your fuel taxes by getting access to the following information:

  • Federal Gas and Diesel Tax rates
  • Monthly State Diesel Tax rates charged at the pump
  • Monthly State Misc./Other Fees such as Ust, Gross Receipts, Inspection, Load, Etc.
  • Monthly State Gas Taxes & Fees
  • Refundable/Creditable State Tax Rates, Sur Charges, Wt. Mile Tax
  • Fees, and Corresponding State Taxes as related to IFTA Reporting.
  • Canadian Tax Rates
  • Mile Taxes
  • Industry news and tax rate changes
  • Reefer Fuel Tax Refunding Information
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