TruckMiles Logo Image is our FREE online truck mileage and routing website.

Originally developed as a 'light' version of our full-featured ProMilesOnline, has become one of the most popular free online mileage and routing guides available today. Trip after trip after trip, TruckMiles has proven itself for owner-operators and small fleets alike!  With features like up-to-date weather, road conditions and daily fuel prices. is a great solution for web-based mileage and routing where truck usable roads are concerned. Features:

  • Includes all restriction for trucks over 13'6" high and 102" wide
  • Profit Margin Estimator
  • Choice of either Truck Shortest or Truck Practical Routing
  • Choice of Calculation results in Miles or Kilometers
  • Calculate Rates using a flat Rate Per-Mile
  • Ability to Avoid Toll Roads
  • Ability to turn on or off Canadian border crossing
  • Detailed turn by turn Truck routing
  • Map with Pan/Zoom and Click-Drag-Zoom Controls
  • Print or Email trips results to anyone
  • Click-Drag-Zoom Mouse functionality. Just like our CD version!
  • Driver's Toolbox pages that include easy to find information such as road conditions and weather
  • Easy access to Online stores featuring ProMiles Products as well as paper maps/atlases.
  • Daily Fuel Price Averages by State
    • Current Tax Rates by State
    • States average fuel cost with and without state tax
    • Prior day's fuel price
    • Difference between current and Prior day's fuel price
    • Mile tax rates schedule
    • Overall fuel price in the country

And the best part about it all...

TruckMiles® is still TOTALLY FREE!

Go there and route a trip now!

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