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ProMiles Fuel Tax is one of the trucking industry's most widely used IFTA fuel tax report automation and pre-auditing software packages available today.

Available as an Add-on program to ProMiles XF Kingpin, or as a stand-alone application for permit services, etc., ProMiles Fuel Tax in either form offers incredible features and functionality to boost the productivity and profitability of your trucking or fleet oriented business.

ProMiles IFTA Fuel Tax Software Features

  1. Generate several useful reports by truck, group of trucks, or an entire fleet.
    Reports include:
    • IFTA Reports
    • Mile Tax Reports
    • Single State Registration
    • Miles Per Gallon Reports
    • IRP Reports
    • Equipment Reports
    • Audits
    • Many more!
  2. Checks for State Adjacentcy and MPG errors automatically to help detect errors in trip entry
  3. Multi-fleet version upgrade available for permit services or companies with multiple IFTA accounts
  4. Includes support for States with special requirements like New York, Idaho, Massachusetts Oregon and all Mile Tax states
  5. Integrates with ProMiles Mileage Guide for easy trip generation. Create Trips, Trip Sheets, and export the data to Fuel Tax all from within one program
  6. Easy to use interface allows for rapid entry of data
  7. Updated quarterly! Download quarterly updates from our site to easily change to the current quarter's tax rates


Trip Entry

Odometer Reading:

Enter odometer readings from state or province border crossing and let ProMiles Fuel Tax calculate the miles for you.

State Mileages:

Enter state mileage figures directly from your drivers I.V.M.R. trip sheets.  ProMiles Fuel Tax can then calculate the ending odometer readings.

ProMiles Mileage & Routing Guide:

ProMiles Fuel Tax was the first software to allow entries directly from a commercial mileage guide software.  Use ProMiles Mileage & Routing Guide to select your routing, optimize fuel purchases and print I.V.M.R. trip sheets.  One click of a button can send all of the information to ProMiles Fuel Tax.  Proportionally spread miles feature is designed for odometer accurate capability which is required by IFTA.

IFTA Reports

Print IFTA reports with ease, accepted straight from your printer in most jurisdictions, both U.S. and Canada.  Printing directly to an accepted form eliminates errors caused by transposing numbers.

Mile Tax Reports

ProMiles Fuel Tax will also print reports for all Mile Tax jurisdictions (Oregon, New Mexico, Kentucky, New York).

IRP Reports

International Registration Plan reports for apportioned tags & insurance companies.

Pre-Audit Features

Checks for adjacent states, fuel purchases in states w/o miles, "gap miles" between trips, destination/origin.

Fleet Reporting

Allows reports to be generated by fleet, terminal, truck or specify a group of trucks. Excellent for bill back capability to specific trucks in fleet. Allows reports by truck, terminal, fleet or forced MPG.

Multi-Fleet Capabilities

Used by Permit Services throughout the United States & Canada to generate reports for thousands of trucks. Batch printing allows you to print reports for multiple companies, or set to print reports for all companies at once.

Mile/KM & Gallon/Liter Conversions

Enter trips using miles or kilometers, fuel purchases using liters, U.S. or Imperial gallons. ProMiles Fuel Tax can convert measurements into the correct measurement style for your jurisdiction.

Weight Entries

Allows gross weight entries in states - ProMiles Fuel Tax is the only software designed to deal with correct tax rates for overweight permitted vehicles in Idaho and Oregon.

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